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Dr Monica Malik Shares Enlightening Findings on GCC Economic Overview, 2 Sept

The UAESBC was pleased to host Dr Monica Malik once again for our Quarterly Talk Series on Wed, 2nd September. Dr Malik, Chief Economist of Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB), shared with more than 60 attendees findings of her team's research on the overview of how the GCC countries got through the initial phases of the COVID19 and what are the possible outlook and trends for the region in the months.

Dr Malik appeared via Zoom live from Abu Dhabi and those who attended the webinar were able to put forward their queries directly to her either in chat or video format. This is the second year of the joint collaboration between UAESBC and ADCB which started last year when Dr Malik came in person to Singapore for a tea-time quarterly talk at the Singapore Cricket Club sponsored by ADCB.

You can browse through screenshots from the webinar below:

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