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Lets Recycle for GOOD @ East Coast

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

The UAE Singapore Business Council is pleased to commence our CSR project for 2020 entitled “Let’s Recycle for GOOD @East Coast”. This a Recycling Drive with a Twist where, in addition to the collection of recyclable items, donations raised from the drive will be used to help vulnerable families in East Coast GRC. This includes reducing their monthly electricity bills by replacing the light bulbs in their houses with LED lights which can also prevent falls of elderly family members due to poor lighting. The Recycle for Good project is a collaborative effort with the East Coast GRC’s Citizens’ Consultative Committees (CCC) sparked by a conversation between one of our EXCO member and Minister Dr Maliki Osman, MP for East Coast GRC, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office and Second Minister for Education & Foreign Affairs.

Why East Coast GRC?

According to the Department of Statistics, the East Coast GRC has the highest number of elderly residents in Singapore above 65 years old (Singapore Population Census 2010). Additionally, in a recent Sept 14th TNP article, East Coast MP and DPM Dr Heng Swee Kiat disclosed that, four in 10 of the 190,000 residents in his GRC are aged 50 and above.  The GRC will be the first to face the brunt of the challenges of the Aging Population and our support will therefore be vital.

How can you support?

  1. Volunteer: [Volunteer applications are CLOSED] We need volunteers to help at the Collection Centres across the East Coast GRC. The collections will be done bi-monthly on weekends for not more than 4 hours. You can refer to the Volunteer Form for more details about volunteering including the dates of the collections. 

  2. Donate in Cash: We also welcome direct monetary donations to the project to ensure we raise enough funds to empower vulnerable and disadvantaged residents. Please refer to the Donor Form for more info on this. All donations are tax deductible.

  3. Donate Recyclables: Lastly, of course, you can participate in the collection drives by contributing all your recyclables during the collection period. Further details of the collection centres please refer to the flyer below:

We look forward to your participation and support to this worthy cause. Please feel free to contact UAESBC via phone 6732 0928 or email for more info.

Best regards, 

Atul Temurnikar

Chairman, UAESBC Social Committee and

Founding Chairman, Global Schools Foundation

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