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UAESBC-AN@S Bursary Award 2021

Applications for the UAESBC-AN@S Bursary Award 2021 is now open. The bursary will go towards deserved low-income Singaporean students of Arab lineage, especially those whose family were impacted by the economic challenges of #COVID19. The bursary also includes mentoring programme that aims to empower the recipients holistically in their academic, personal and professional outlook. The bursary, in collaboration with the Arab Network @Singapore (AN@S), is one of two Corporate Social Responsibility Projects which UAESBC is participating in for FY2020. As 2020 has been a most challenging year, the UAESBC EXCO members have decided to double up our charity efforts this year.

The deadline to submit applications and supporting documents for UAESBC-AN@S Bursary Awards is 22nd February 2021. Shortlisted applicants will be invited for an interview with our review panel comprising of educators and professionals from the Singapore Arab community.

Below are the details of the applications for the UAESBC-AN@S Bursary Awards:

The UAESBC-AN@S Bursary Award is awarded to students who achieve excellence in academic and non-academic fields and/or exhibit character and aptitude for holistic excellence, AND whose family’s net total income does not exceed $1,800 per month. Priority will be given to those who are financially affected by the COVID19 Pandemic.


  1. Singaporean or PR of Singapore

  2. Arab background from both parents or maternal / paternal side

  3. Net total family income not exceeding $1,800 per month or Household Per Capita Income (PCI) of S$450.00 and below

  4. Full-time Student at the following levels:

– Junior College, International Baccalaureate (IB) or Equivalent

– Polytechnic or Equivalent

– University

Application Form

CLICK HERE to access the application form for the UAESBC-AN@S Bursary Award 2021. All Application forms, supporting documents including NRIC/FIN/BC must be submitted via email to by 22nd February 2021.

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