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MedTech Experts Share Valuable Experience and Perspectives at UAESBC Quarterly Talk

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

On 28th July 2021, the UAESBC presented our eleventh Quarterly Talk since the inception of the series in 2018. The talk featured experts in the MedTech sector who are founding partners of Singapore MedTech Accelerator: Dr Eitan Konstantino and Mr Steve Wiesner.

Dr Konstantino and Mr Wiesner together have had more than 30 years experience in MedTech from running, investing and incubating in companies from Silicon Valley, to Israel to Singapore. They have 150 patents and patent applications in these countries and their product lines have generated sales reaching US$1B.

With his vast experience, Dr Konstantino was able to share his perception on the pros and cons in the three countries in their approach and facilitation of medical innovations and technologies. The two speakers also shared further in the Q&A the philosophies and attitude required for entrepreneurs to be successful in this field.

The attendees found the talk very informative and insightful. If you missed the talk, you can view the recording of the session here:

Stay tuned for our next talk of the series in September 2021!

*The UAESBC Quarterly Talk Series is an intimate platform featuring high profile speakers to the Singaporean audience. In normal pre-Covid circumstances, the talks would be held over a light business breakfast. We have retained the ambiance of intimacy in the current web format of the series by ensuring that attendees are given direct access to the speaker by allowing video to video communication to the speaker during the Q&A.

You can browse through screenshots of the webinar below:

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