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About Us

The UAE Singapore Business Council (UAESBC) is a business organisation registered under the Singapore Registry of Societies. It was formally established on 22 March 2018 by the founding President, Dr Brian Shegar, who still heads the Council today. The Council is made up of representatives of companies as well as individuals who are, or aspire to be, part of the Singapore-UAE business nexus. 

On 28 February 2019, during the official visit of the UAE Crown Prince, His Royal Highness Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan to Singapore, the UAE and Singapore government signed the Singapore UAE Comprehensive Partnership (SUCP) agreement where the UAESBC received specific mention in the joint declaration to be conduit to facilitate Trade, Industry and Investment between the two countries.

The UAESBC aims to promote, support and enhance the development of commerce and business initiatives between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Singapore by:

  •  Providing a forum in Singapore for individuals and companies with mutual interest in UAE/Singapore commercial relations to enable them to meet, discuss and exchange ideas and information on an informal basis;

  •  Organising activities such as lunch talks, seminars, conferences and network evenings to promote greater awareness of the business environment, including opportunities involving trade and investment flows between UAE and Singapore;

  •  Representing, expressing and giving effect to the views of the business community of UAE in Singapore regarding trade, investment, finance, industry and related matters;

  •  Building linkages between the UAE and the Singapore governments and institutions from both countries;

  •  Promoting and organising CSR Projects for charitable, educational or social purposes amongst members.

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