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UAE Celebrates 50th National Day on 2 Dec 2021

Updated: Dec 5, 2021

The UAE Singapore Business Council (UAESBC) congratulates all UAE residents, Emiratis and Leadership of the United Arab Emirates for the 50th year of prosperous, peaceful and successful nationhood.

On the occasion of the 50th UAE National Day on 2nd December 2021, The Business Times (Singapore) is publishing UAE supplement featuring two articles on UAE. The articles include an interview with UAE Ambassador to Singapore and Patron of the UAESBC, His Excellency Jamal Al Suwaidi, and an article on leveraging UAE as a hub to the Middle East and North Africa written by UAESBC President, Dr Brian Shegar. The Supplement will also include a string of congratulatory wishes advertisements from Singapore and UAE companies who are members of the UAE Singapore Business Council.

Above is a sample artwork of UAESBC's half page full colour add in the Supplement featuring the logos of all our Corporate Sponsor Members and Strategic Partners.

CLICK HERE to read the entire UAE Supplement published in The Business Times.

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